UEFA EURO2020 Germany vs Hungary

If someone goes outside and says “It’s too hot!” it’s just this person complaining about the heat. And I’d probably agree if I were there.

If this person is sitting in an office and says “It’s too hot!” to the face of the guy who’d just turned off the AC, this person isn’t complaining about the heat anymore, but telling the AC-hater to turn the AC back on.

If this person Slack DMs me and says “It’s too hot in the office because that guy turned off the AC!”, I, as a work-from-home person who cares least about the office temperature, will say “Go tell him that yourself. I’m not going to be your messenger”, although I’m usually the one who sweats the most in a room.

I might join the #sweaters Slack channel just in case I come to the office one day, nevertheless, I’m not going to involve myself in an actual dispute between my work-in-the-office colleagues about AC settings.

Once I was in a library. A middle-aged lady approached me and asked me where I came from. I said “Japan”.

Then she started talking about something to the effect of how women were suppressed in the world and Japan wasn’t doing well in that regard either, to which I generally agreed. Nonetheless, I told her it was a library and asked her to be quiet and leave me alone.

The lady was decent enough to wrap her speech up and leave me in peace, but what some folks are saying about the UEFA’s decision is as if the lady said “You don’t want to listen to my speech? You’re such sexist garbage! I’m talking about a very important topic, not some random things!”.

A lot of people seem to have difficulties comprehending the UEFA’s simple and clear message.

Those same people also seem to think they are THE justice and those who don’t accept their demands are evil.

And that makes me scared.





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